Friday, August 3, 2007

Oh. No. He Didn't.

Fuck. Thanks a lot, dude. After all this work, you go and publish another volume of "Check Out How Much of An Asshole I Am." Sweet. The Enquirer ran this story yesterday and I'm less than thrilled. The Enquirer's Peter Bronson summed this fiasco up with the following paragraph:

"His comment that he was (bleeped) off that Marge didn't leave him any money in her will and that she left it all to the zoo. His comment about how Marge loved to smoke and she would have smoked in her sleep if someone was there to hold her cigarette all night. His comment that he saw Joe DiMaggio in the shower and he saw more of him than Marilyn Monroe ever did. His comment on a good friend of his that was a gambler - and how I could go on."

Further, Rene Collins, a mother who attended the function as part of a camp for freaking kids, Pete, said, "It was like an uncle at Thanksgiving you want to stick in a back corner." Sweet. I'm sure it was damn funny, yo, but this ain't "Last Comic Standing." Ugh.

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